Corporate Connector

Trulaske Corporate Connectors is a volunteer group of executives and industry professionals who advise, coach and mentor graduate masters students as they embark on new career opportunities.

Connectors play an integral part in our graduate degree programs and provide a cornerstone to a student's experience while at the Trulaske College of Business. Connectors create a profile through our online platform and choose which topics they are comfortable discussing with students. Choose from an array of connection topics such as:

  • Applied Projects offer guidance on industry projects in an advisory role
  • Career Preparation helps students understand, decide and prepare for employment and internship opportunities
  • Leadership Coaching helps students develop critical leadership competencies and interpersonal skills

The most useful innovations and discoveries arise from collaborative partnerships. A diversity of perspectives creates comprehensive solutions that neither academia nor industry can accomplish alone.

Industry partnerships are created to drive innovation, provide thought leadership, and enhance visibility for organizations. For Mizzou's Trulaske graduate student and alumni communities, industry partnerships create mutually beneficial opportunities to network and provide talent acquisition opportunities.