What is a Student Mentee?

A student mentee is a Missouri School of Journalism student who has completed at least one year of college and seeks valuable knowledge, insight and guidance from a journalism or strategic communication organization mentor or a Missouri School of Journalism alumni mentor regarding his/her professional growth and development. The student mentee is an equal partner in the mentoring relationship, and must play an active role in his/her own development.

What are the Benefits of Having a Mentor?

The mentoring relationship allows the student mentee to receive valuable guidance to enhance their professional growth and career development. Specifically, the mentoring relationship enables the student mentee to:

  • Gain knowledge and a realistic perspective on career paths and professional work life;
  • Receive individual recognition and encouragement;
  • Obtain supportive, positive, honest and constructive feedback;
  • Learn from the life and work experience of the mentor;
  • Obtain stronger workplace skills and competencies;
  • Enhance networking opportunities with professionals in chosen career field; and
  • Have a trusted confidant to discuss educational and professional matters.

What are the Responsibilities of the Student Mentee?

To obtain the greatest benefits from the mentoring relationship, student mentees should:

  • Demonstrate commitment and time to the mentoring program experience;
  • Show an interest in learning from their assigned mentor;
  • Demonstrate a willingness to accept constructive feedback;
  • Identify specific mentoring needs and goals;
  • Maintain confidentiality of conversation with mentor; and
  • Commit to communicate at least once per month with mentor.